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School Library

Access Destiny School Catalog

Search for a book in our library. Select "Booker T. Washington High School" and then click on "Catalog."

BTWHS Collection Development Plan

You can use the public library resources as well.

Click on the owl to use the West Florida Public Library to find books available to check out at one of branches here in Pensacola. The Tryon Library is just down the street. As a student at BTWHS, you have a library account already. 

Your public library card number is 1236590 + your student number. Your pin is the last four digits of the phone number you have on file in Focus.

ecps k-12 library access  effective may 1, 2023

Escambia County Public Schools has implemented a new process that allows parents to choose their student's level of access to school library collections. Beginning May 1st, a parent may log into the Focus Parent Portal and choose their student's level of library access.


Unlimited: My student may have full access to check out grade and age-appropriate books that are available at their grade (elementary, middle, high) school library to include same grade level interlibrary loan as well as classroom libraries. 


Limited: My student may check out books from the library media center, but there is content that I would like my student to not have access to in the library media center.  This selection will give the parent an opportunity to provide clarifying comments on the materials that may be accessed by their student.  Students with this selection will not have access to classroom libraries and digital library collections. 


No Access: My student is not permitted to check books out of the library media center, classroom libraries, or digital library collections. 


To make a decision other than Unlimited, log into the Focus Student Information System and complete the Library Access Form.  

If you choose Unlimited, you do not need to complete the form.


Library Advisory Council


BTWHS Administration

Melissa Gonzalez - Parent 

Mary Kate Griffith - ELA Department Chairperson

Marlena Lewis - Social Studies teacher

Anne McGowan - ELA teacher

Stefany Tompkins - School Librarian

Johnnie Washington-Thomas - Graduation Coach

Charlotte Watts - ESE Department Chairperson

Carol Wheeler - ESE Teacher

Literacy Leadership Team Meeting Agenda - August 2022

Literacy Leadership Team Meeting Agenda - September 2022


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