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  ERIN STEINMETZ Science/Math Teacher

Marine Science Academy



The Marine Science Academy at B. T. Washington High School is an academy designed for academically talented students who have a strong interest in pursuing careers in the Marine Sciences, Coastal Ecology or related fields.  Students in the Marine Science Academy will have an intensive curriculum which will include immersion in scientific processes including laboratory experimentation, research, and field study.  Student Scientists will work hand in hand with UWF, the DEP, and Seagrant Scientists on community projects: “Bringing Back the Bayous” and “Diversity and Abundance of Nearshore Species”. The high school experience for the MSA students will culminate with Advanced Placement or Dual Enrollment in a selected science.

GIS Dashboard data

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GIS Data

Bringing Back the Bayous

Bringing back our Bayous

Diversity & Abundance Data

Assessing Diversity and Abundance of Nearshore Species

Diversity and Abundance of Near Shore Species : A Shannon Diversity Study

IMG 9666

            The objective of Diversity and Abundance Study is to assess the number and varieties of various juvenile near shore species at selected locations; the locations we sample are Bayou Texar, Project Greenshores, Sanders Beach, and Morgan  Park. By assessing the diversity and abundance of these areas, it helps determine how healthy the body of water is and answer questions like: "Are multimillion dollar restoration projects like Project Greenshores effective at returning diversity and abundance to those areas ?"